"Dear reader, I feel humbled yet grateful to be a member of Pragna tantric team. Body experience is difficult to be explained in words, however I hope I will get to show you what tantra massage means to me and why I chose to dedicate myself, my energy and time to it.

I came across tantra massage by an accident, when I was looking for a job in Prague, where I live. I beleive that touch is a gentle yet powerful tool to experience. Today I know it was no accident and it enriched my journey of self-development immensely and helped me to understand what body experience is and what impact it can have on people‘s lives. That thaught me to approach every session responsibly and sensitively as each person’s experience is unique. Creating a safe space, establishing boundaries prior to the massage and an open dialogue became essential and neccessary
for my work and for my client‘s safe experience.
Even if each massage is different my approach is grounding, intuitive and sensual. I will safely and tenderly guide you through your journey of body experience and let you be the one who is not only receiving but a companion on this path. I am here to give you a tender touch, acceptance and guidance on your journey of self-discovery. I perceive tantric massages as a form of celebration of your body and self. I have massaged women, men and non-binary people on the whole spectrum of
sexual orientation.

I love the nature and my two cats. I practice yoga and I like to run. I am currently completing my Masters in Philosophical Anthropology and I have tendency to procrastinate when it comes to my studies, but believe me I try. 🙂 I believe that in order to live a fulfilled life you also need to accept your flaws and mistakes. Inability to accept it cost me energy and time and disconnection from myself. I hope your tantric massage brings you self-acceptance, along with anything else you are currently in search for."

Tantric massage course for professional practice – Klára Kloudová
Self-experience group – IVGT Prague (led by Markéta Chlupová and Viktor Polák)
Bc. – Philosophy and Psychology, FHS UK
Vedic meditation Course - Tereza Böhmová, 2018

Barbora speaks: English
Barbora provides: tantra for women, tantra for men

"Best massage I've had in my life, and I don't think I'll ever get a better one."

"I want to thank Barbora a lot! She is amazing and has wonderful hands and technique."