"Mark is a therapist, yoga teacher, professional relationship counselor and life coach.
At the age of 17 he was longing to study and to experience Mysticism. Having this deep aspiration, he discovered Yoga and he started to practice it since then. Over the years, he devoted himself to learning various techniques of Tantric Spirituality, Taoist practices and numerous types of massage: Tantra massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, lomi lomi massage, hot stone massage, reflexology, shiatsu, white tiger massage therapy.

He performs the Tantra massage for women in its pure form, carrying a unique touch of consciousness, tenderness and devotion.

His goal is to support people in returning to their innate power, wisdom and love, to integrate body consciousness, to discover the meaning of eroticism and the fulfillment of spirituality.

In his sessions he is using practical tools from somatic therapies, energy work, breath work and psychology.

With Mark’s expertise, empathy, light, honesty you can really develop a great relationship with your own body, to awaken your soul, to enhance wellbeing.

Mark is looking forward to meeting you!"

Mark speaks: English
Mark specializies: Tantra for women, Tantra for couples, counselling

Tantric massage ritual & techniques
Massage courses and energy healing (shiatsu, hot stone, lomi lomi,  white tiger tantra, reflexology)
Life Coaching Diploma
Certification in Couple Therapy and Counseling
Professional Relationship Counselling Certificate
Professional Yoga Teacher Training Certification