tantra massage + dearmouring

As some of you have already tried the power of dearmouring trial in last months, we have decided to go on and implant "tantra massage + dearmouring" in our regular daily menu.

You are welcomed to visit us again for the exclusive session with both your favourite tantra and dearmouring together to support benefits of a regular tantric massage! In any 2 hours or longer tantra session with senior therapists you will receive dearmouring bodywork mixed with tantra massage just as it is needed for your own personal case.

Well, are you ready to take your favourite tantra session way more deeper? 

What is the dearmouring? Simply said - it is a powerul method of healing emotional and energetical blockages in body, which might causes you struggles in your life on many levels. ( read more here) Within context of a tantra massage - it will help renew energy flow in your pelvic + anal area to achieve benefits of a great lover.

The dearmouring part - you can expect a pressure points massage + energy work. Whole session will be more THERAPEUTIC and DEEP.

2 hours ....3300sek


3 hours.....5300sek


  • regain sensitivity in genitals
  • help with erection dysfunction
  • better lovemaking feelings for your partner
  • release pain/blockages
  • open body for deep orgasmic feelings

NOTE: Benefits are only the quidance of possible outcome. Please be aware dearmouring techniques quide the session to more intensity and you will need a time to integrate - at the studio, at home and later.