viking initiation

"He had a strenght of a bear, resilience of a wolf and dedicated to his own path"

Do you feel you than just what you experiencing right now?


  • 1st session: initiation talk, coaching, intention + breathing session
  • 2nd session: wheel of consent, bodywork ( tantric massage,  + dearmouring externally), homework
  • 3nd session: sharing, bodywork (tantric massage + dearmouring internally)
  • + possible 4 and 5 session


  • confidence in intimate life
  • ability to control your sexual energy and flow
  • skills for lovemaking
  • helping erection/ejaculation dysfunction
  • become a magnet for women!

Note: content might vary depending on your individual needs. We tailor the sessions individually for the best possible outcome. Please, take in mind, these sessions are not a treatment, but cooperation between you as a client and our therapist as your quide and coach, you can only reach a progress if you are dedicated to the program and knowing that everything has its time and price. For any more questions, dont hesitate to contact us!

This package consists of 3-5 sessions in length of 2,5 hours. Original price is 4000x3 = 12000 kr. 4000x5 = 20000.

Only in package VIKING RITUAL exclusive price 9600 kr/16000kr.

This shall be paid on the beginning of your 1st session.