Are you struggling in health, relationships, sex life? Often, this all is linked together. Since we have years of experiences and education in fields of energy work, body work, tantra, taoism - we have been working with people who want to make their life better, happier, more liveful and joyful again.

We have seen many alike topics opening up during our sessions. Therefore we have decided to offer a single service of counselling separately itself. For those, who havent had much time to talk after your session with us, for those who want to gain trust at first place, for those, who just need some quidance and are not interested in bodywork at all.

Counselling is providen by seniors therapist you can see below. Under a picture of the counselling therapist you can read list of topics, where they have the strongest knowledge and experience.


relationships intimate or in general
self-realization in relationships and in society
finding our true uniqueness
alternative methods of healing of body & mind

You can choose in between personal/ online counselling.

Personal counselling is held at our studio and can be paid at the time of arrival. Online counselling are paid upfront on our bank account (up to 3 days) and will be done via a call.

Price for 30min = 700kr, 1 hour = 1400kr.