Have you heard about dearmouring yet?

De-armouring is an intense therapy/bodywork which aims to release the “armour” in the body we all have and create. What is the “armour” ? In life, we might go through stress moments, fears, traumatas, sexual wounds, painful experiences - all of this creates contraction, closes our body and if not expressed, those unresolved pains are stored in our pain body.

De-armouring is then a process of engaging with the painbody and healing the armour. Desired outcome of the session is a deeply relaxed, soft, velvety and vibrant body, open to feelings and inner wisdom. 

Release of:

  • pain
  • tensions
  • blockages
  • emotional and energetic traumatas

How does the session look like?
Each session will be different and suitable to your personal feelings and needs. Before the session starts itself we have a talk, where you express your intentions and boundaries. Sometimes de-armouring happens already when we just talk and use some conversation/play tools and we don't need to touch the body at all.
However, most likely it will be needed to do the bodywork and touch your body. This can happen externally or internally. First session is never done internally.
Bodywork consist of touching pressure points, in combination with our own energy and source energy to stimulate and intensify the flow in your body.
We are mapping your body and focus on the points that have an energetic-emotional response and that will lead to an energy release.

Dearmouring session can be one time release, or we can agree on a few months of consistent and committed collaboration.

Possible results:

  • balanced mood 
  • energy boost
  • regain sensitivity in genital/pelvic
  • more pleasurable intimacy life
  • lost fears
  • confidence boost
  • ability to fall in love
  • ability to have feelings
  • ability to express anger, sadness
  • setting boundaries in your life
  • leaving what we don't need in our life anymore
  • happier relationships
  • the whole world is just more beautiful 🙂

De-armouring results can be life-changing, very fast and permanent. Our qualified team members gone through these sessions tens of times ourselves and we just couldn't wait to share this therapy with you, here in Pragna, to make you all shine & happy as well!

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