the founder

"Hello there! My name is Karolina, I come from Czech Republic and i am a happy founder of Pragna.

I met tantra and bodywork and through a decade of providing sessions I decided to make my own business. I was close to Sweden and I was thinking, why not here! So, that is a long story short how Pragna was made. 

I am happy to be the leader of our wonderful team. I feel grateful to have such wonderful people around me and amazing clients!

Our team is international and colorful, we have different tantric and bodywork schools, backgrounds, I like to keep freedom to express in each one's individuality. But we ALL  love what we do and more importantly we see it as our mission. We are TRULY here for you to make you happy and shine! Thank you for your trust & visiting Pragna, it has been  almost 3 years now! WOW!

I wanted to say THANK YOU again, it is you who makes US”

Pragna has built up a team of amazing therapists, here for you, in Stockholm. Pragna is here for you to make you relax from your daily stress, work, tiring or stuck relationships. It is here for you to feel comfortable with some open, friendly, professional, no-judging minds. Maybe you want to just come and talk, maybe you would love to have a relaxing massage, maybe you feel you can improve your life, heal your body, get more connection with yourself, release stress & pain, or learn something about your sexuality and a usage of a lifeforce energy in all of us!

Anyhow, anytime, Pragna team would be honored to meet you and make your life brighter and happier! With love!

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