tantra touch

This short workshop contains a practical lessons of a tantric touch for your personal purposes. It is customized to your needs.

Schema of the workshop: (2 -2,5 hours)

  • tantra philosophy & intro
  • conscious touch
  • how to touch your partner in a present and sensual way
  • sharing & questions

+ refreshment during all the time of the workshop, free possiblity to use our bathroom facility
+ 20% discount for a Tantra massage kit
+10% discount for counselling session

Our workshops are held exclusivelly individually for you as 1 person, or for 1 unity as a couple in safe and intimate environment with our therapist. You can decide about the level of nudity you want to have during the workshop. If you are an individual without a model - we will arrange a model (+2000kr) to you or we will use anatomical plastic models.


Couple 5000kr
Individual (you arrange a model or without a model) 5000kr
Individual (we arrange a model) 7000 kr

 Please consider our workshops are likely to need some organization and planning upfront, therefore we recommend to book your workshop in good advance.