Tantra massage

1. How does the massage go?
Well, each time could be different because it is an intuitive work and we also respect your boundaries and follow your specific intention. However, most likely it starts with an Initiation ritual, where the therapist touches you for the first time and synchronize your energies. It is also a space where a trust is bonded and possible nervosity can go away. Then you lay down on a mattress and the therapist will release the tension in your body. Often we also use feathers and some light sensation to enhance the touch sense of your skin. We use oil to massage all your body (if desired), raise the sexual energy and work with your energy system. When the time is close to finish, we slow down the circulation of the energy in your body, ground it and we stay with you for a while, make you feel all safe with anything what possibly might came up. Then we leave you in a room for couple of relax minutes before you take the shower and we have a final talk.

2. Are we naked?
Nudity is optional. Tantra session can work with a sexual energy even if you have clothes on. You are welcomed to be fully naked, we love every body and there is no place for shame. 
The therapist works naked or with panties on. (Unless you require therapist to wear clothes.)

3. Can I touch you?
Touching the therapist or any interaction is not allowed in our sessions. It is highly recommend to let go of controlling and "doing". Surrender to just "being", pay attention to yourself and what you feel! You might explore new sensations!

4. What if i am sexually aroused?
Sexual arousement is a possible natural process during massage. We will show you how to work with that energy so it heals your body and/or you gain from it nor lose it.


1. Is there a shower on the place?
Yes, there is a bathroom for you. You can shower yourself before and/or after massage. There is also a hairdryer, comb and some essentials so you are like a newborn when you leave!

2. Do I need to prepare for a session at Pragna?
Just come as you are. However, excluding any substances as alcohol, drugs, coffee, etc. is allways a good idea, since it can affect your system and distract you from real you and deep experience.