The most intimate session you will experience - what do we mean by that? For some of you, intimacy equals sexual. But intimacy is more than that and it doesn´t need to be sexual at all. Tantra massage is an intimate session in the way that we SEE YOU, HEAR YOU and LOVE YOU in a way you most likely never experienced before. Need of contact and intimacy with another human being is deeply essential for anyone of us. And yet we avoid it, need to learn what intimacy means in our relationships or we try to substitute this need in an unhealthy way (food, drugs, sex,..)

With experiencing tantra massage you will meet intimacy at its purest. Through a present loving touch you will bond a healthy relationship with your body & soul again.

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Tantra massage is providen by a slow and present conscious touch, releasing our stress and tension, breathing and resonating with universe whilst enjoying a very blissful sensual experience. In a massage we use feathers, furry gloves and some light sensation to enhance your touch sense, massage your body with and without oil, release tension in muscles and also work with energy system. We teach you how to use (not waste) our primal, sexual, life-force energy to be more powerful, successful and creative in all levels of our living!

We invite all men, women and couples to deep dive into this fantastic, rejuvenating and healing art of touch!