Tantra for Men

Being a man is very high demanding. A man needs to take the lead, he needs to be productive and fast, he needs to perform all the time. Uff, that can make someone be all in stress and tension, cant it?

What if you come to us and leave all this “role” behind the door. Our masseuses will take care of you. Just lay down, relax and enjoy our wonderful touch! Tantra massage gives you completely different view into your sexuality, there is no need of results, performing, just completely dive into yourself and explore your sensual potential!

When you book, you book a time of whole session. Session includes introducing talk, shower (before/after) and a massage itself. Please respect that we really must follow a session lenght +-10min, beacuse of other bookings. Therefore, we recommend to always go for enough time for you!

Oh, and we totally recommend 2 hours & more to go! Is it your first time and you are not sure you want to invest? Take 90min instead!

Additional service to any tantra massage for a man:

90 min......2750sek
2 hours......3300sek
2,5 hours.....4400sek
3 hours......5500sek

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