Tantra for couples

Have you ever dreamed about sharing this amazing experience with your partner? Have you been thinking how to show your woman/man how fantastic is to learn something about our sexuality so maybe you can use it for your own private life? Book a couple massage!

This is a wonderful idea how to spend time together as a couple. Togetherness make any process more intense as we are social beings and our system tends to emphatize and support each other with synchronicity. You can expect even more intense experience than if you go alone. However, please make sure you both are well aware of what to expect and set your boundaries first.

When you book, you book a time of whole session. Session includes introducing talk, shower (before/after) and a massage itself. Please respect that we really must follow a session lenght +-10min, beacuse of other bookings. Therefore, we recommend to always go for enough time for you!

2 hours ... 4950 sek
2,5 hours ... 6600 sek
3 hours ... 8250 sek

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