Level-up packages

Few of you were asking for package prices if you are willing to visit us often and grow! Because it is our goal to support YOU in your personal development, we have created a discount price packages when purchasing more tantra/dearmouring sessions in one and visiting us in a short period of time, which will level-up your potential!

for example: you buy 4x 90 min sessions, original price is 10.000 (junior price) or 11000 (senior price)

price instead : 9000kr/9900kr

for example: you buy 6x 90 min sessions, original price is 15.000/16500 (junior and senior price)

price instead : 12.750kr/14025kr

Discount only pays if you pay all sessions in one no later than when the 1s session starts. It stands for tantra & dearmouring sessions. It has to be withdrawn within 60 days!

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