"I'd like to write you a few words about my approach to work. Because I believe that the best experiences will come when our expectations come together. When I feel great synergy, then everything is perfect.
You can expect a high-quality full-body massage, professional boundaries, respect, therapeutic elements, inspiration, insight and erotic vibrations. I often use towels, special scarves and oil. You can expect back massage, foot massage and stretching, anti-stress head massage, work with stiff muscles, shortened tendons, lovely belly massage and others. I pay great attention to real quality massage and legendary sexual bodywork.

"Whoever wants tinsel, don't give him any more. Whoever seeks depth, accompany him." - I was advised by a shaman of native people. And that is the great wisdom I follow.

The most satisfied is the one who comes open and ready to know himself. It is mainly your steps that I accompany. It is not possible to subsidize the client's own sexual energy. But I can be an inspiration for cultivation or a growth of yours. This is a healthy principle of mental hygiene. As an experience guide, I can also be a support if you come across sensitive places along the way. Supported by caress, smile, confidence. I am not a direct supporter of a specific school in Tantra. It is closer to me to practice the shamanic tools of native people. The method of the inner medical circle is closest to me. It is about the inner child, woman, man and soul. It only depends on you how deep you want to go. Will you just stay on the surface? Or are we going on an adventure?"

Sport and relax massage
Hawai Lomi Lomi massage
Trigger Point therapy
Rebozo massage
Rebozo therapy ritual
Gravid and baby massage
Shiatsu massage
Hot stones and cupping

Chillie speaks: English, Norwegian (basics)
Chillie provides: tantra for women, tantra for men, tantra for couples, spa ritual, sacred spot