"Tantra means for me to be connected with myself and radiate my essence. Experiencing love and physical touch by and in conscious form. Getting into an expanded state of consciousness and connecting with internal processes, letting go of what is supposed to come and go, being in flow. Tantric massage gives me an overlap into mysticism, where we can cultivate and increase our energies and transform them to a higher level of being eventually. You will experience a sensual and gentle touch, slow full-bodied strokes. 

I am a calm and tender person, a mystical woman with an alien soul. I am impartial, sensitive, accepting, and listening. I am devoted to people in depth throughout spiritual experiences. Accepting yourself is a gift. Knowing who "I am" and taking the path of acceptance is a relief. I accept everyone with no judgment, with peace and aspiration for a happy life. (I also like to work with lesbian or trans people) I have a human approach and a deeper interest in the other person, who has chosen me as his or her guide.

See you soon!"

Tantric School, Resonance School, Eduard Selea, 2003-2005
Tantric massage course, Resonance School, Romanian teachers, 2005
Tantric massage course, Martin Plas, 2015
Classic massage retraining, Refit, 2007
Massage courses and energy healing 2014-2016 (shiatsu, lava rocks, Hawaiian, Chinese, Thai, reflexology, access bars, reconnective healing)
Stargate School (study program of work with scientific emergencies, preparation for work with psychospiritual treatment methods), M. M. Kramvik, 2016-2017
Massage and therapy for clients in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Sweden 2016-2021
Tao erotic massage, Jitka Mandalam, 2022
Tao erotic massage, Hana Perglerova, 2022
First psychic aid for psychedelics, Beyond, 2022
Dearmoring I, Vojta Chladek, 2022
Dearmoring II (yoni, lingam, anal), Vojta Chladek, 2022
Mahalo method III, Shadows integration, Vojta Chladek, 2022
Zdivočet, metodical course of therapy by nature - Ing. Tomas Havel, 2022
First psychical aid - Mgr. Jana Kučerová, 2022
Biodynamic massage & psychotherapy - Mgr. Johana Špicnerová, Ambrožová, 2022
BDSM and shibari workshop - Arden Shibari, 2022
Beyond Community Building - Hana Perglerová, 2022
Mahalo method IV, Art of manifestation, Vojta Chladek, 2023
Kashmir tantric massage - Swami Anahata, 2023
Beyond Psychedelic - educational program in the field of psychedelics and expanded state of consciousness, 70 hours, 2023

Faina speaks: English
Faina specializes in: Tantra (for women, men, couples), Dearmouring

"I had a 3 hr Tantra session with Spa ritual included with Faina.
She is a remarkable soul.She easily grounded me and made me open up like never before, and all in her safe and comforting care. Faina felt like she‘s got a high developed sense of reading and feeling people.
Afterwards my lasting experience is that wit Faina I came closer the core of my luggage, than I‘ve done in years of therapy.
Faina‘s  skilled and most highly recommended."


"I want to tell you that Faina was absolutely wonderful today. She took me on a magical journey where I forgot time and space. Her hands were sensual and warm and really nice. Afterwards I felt totally relaxed, happy. I can recommend Faina to everyone!"