open your heart

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or heard, they are felt in the heart."

Our heart is soft. Our heart is vulnerable. That is why it lies under the shield of ribs in chest. It isphysically vulnerable, but energetically and emotionally as well. We can feel a lot of pain, distrust, disconnection, tension, loneliness and we want to shut down ourselves. BUT, heart allows us to feel amazing and most beautiful things in the world - as to feel love, appreciation, togetherness, beauty of world. We can actually feel love towards any being in the world, not just to our closest. Our heart is capable of loving everything, including animals, trees and stones! And doesnt this worth to feel?

We all know human struggles, we fall in love and the person who interprets it - doesnt feel the same, or repeats but then breaks our heart. We give trust and then we are betrayed. As a result, we close our heart chakra and we can end up in "not feeling anything at all" as a protection, as an armour to protect us from another pain. If you feel like you have enough of this and want to see a world in colours and love again, book open your heart now! It is time to shine!


  • initiation talk
  • talk therapy
  • meditation for heart
  • dearmouring sessions
  • chest massage


  • ability to fall in love
  • lose fear to feel
  • balance your feelings
  • release pain/blockages
  • learn emotional intelligence

NOTE: content might vary depending on you as our client and we tailor the sessions individually. Benefits are only the quidance of possible outcome.

This package consists of 3 sessions in length of 90min. Original price is 2000x3 = 6000 kr.

Only in package OPEN YOUR HEART exclusive price 4.990 kr.

This shall be paid upfront on the beginning of your 1st session.