"Joy, love and happiness are among the basic human needs. That's why tantric massage is a wonderful way to transmit pure, loving, nurturing and empowering energy for your everyday life. I accompany you on the path of inner peace, harmony, understanding of your own body and connection to itself. I am your mediator to enjoy moments of joy and pleasure, without any fears or prejudices. Allow yourself to stop in today's busy time and thus calm the flow of thoughts. Live here and now, living the present moment to the fullest.

Self-love is a term often mentioned these days, but what exactly is it and how do I discover it in myself? It is the awareness of oneself, one's qualities, one's personality, one's soul and one's body - you are here to be accepted and loved unconditionally. We have to respect the fact that we are all unique and each of us need a different approach at different times in our lives. A tantric session is a unique space where you can surrender and relax in a safe environment, fully listen to your body and connect with yourself at the deepest level. Take the time and care for yourself and I will be happy to be your guide on the path of this beautiful experience and enlightenment. Namaste!"

Certified masseur of basic rehabilitation and sport massage
Aromatherapeutic relax massage
Indian head massage
Basic dearmouring training
Professional coach training: BRAIN – BASED COACH, Neuroleadership Group
Holistic sensual massage school - EASE - Denisa Říha Palečková a Richard Vojík (CZ)
Kahuna massage (Lomi Lomi Nui)

Radush speaks: English
Radush specializes in: Tantra massage (for women, men, couples), 

"Hi! I just wanted to thank Radha for a wonderful tantra session Friday. Enlightening!"

"Good morning Radha, it was a fantastic massage session, I am still walking on clouds and with a smile on my face. I wish you a fantastic stay in Stockholm and see you next time!"