Steffie - senior

"Tantra, derived from the Sanskrit word meaning "to weave," represents to me the weaving of the intricate web of life—a sacred journey of interconnectedness.
My journey as a therapist began with a profound love for unraveling the mystery that surrounds the physical manifestation of this cosmic web within our bodies, known as fascia—the connective tissue. Through the transformative method pioneered by Danis Bois, I harness the potent energy flowing through this intricate web to foster deep connections with our bodies, ourselves, and others, facilitating the liberation of blockages and the restoration of balance.
But my fascination with tantra stems from a lifelong quest for understanding the profound secrets of human sexuality and spirituality. As a child, I intuitively sensed there was more to the sacred nature of sexuality. This curiosity led me to explore various avenues until I discovered the teachings of Sasha Cobra, which clearly illuminated the powerful link between sexual energy, orgasmic potential and personal empowerment.
In my practice, I am committed to guiding individuals on a transformative journey to reclaim their orgasmic potential and rediscover the boundless potential of their own life force energy. Tantra, to me, represents more than just a practice—it is a pathway to liberation, a journey of unlocking one's true essence, and reconnecting with the self on a profound level.

By seamlessly integrating the gentle yet profound touch of fascia therapy with tantra's wisdom of energy and consciousness, and years of experience with giving and combining this with intuitive tantric massage, I create a safe and nurturing space for clients to release physical and emotional blockages, awaken dormant energies, unlock their orgasmic potential, and embrace their authentic selves fully.

I will be present at Pragna on Tuesdays and am looking forward to meeting you there."

Fascia therapy MDB and perceptive coaching, European college of Fasciatherapy 2011
Terra Natura, School of Essence 2014
Reconnective Healing with Eric Pearl 2015
Intuitive tantric massage 2016
Energetic Orgasmic Liberation, Training with Sasha Cobra 2017

Steffie speaks: English, Dutch, French, German, and a bit of Spanish and Swedish
Steffie provides: tantra for women, tantra for men,
tantra for couples, non-traditional de-armouring through fascia therapy