Valerie - Senior

"I did come around Tantra through my own experience - I went through some transformation courses of body work, I made a tantric course and started to giving massages. It has and still continue to has magnificent impact on me, how I grow through the time, how I perceive human beings with respect and love and I applied this approach to my common life.  I feel an inner calling to share and teach others about Tantra, about tantric approach and how they can connect with themselves, how they can perceive themselves through their body, how they can be accepted as their are with full respect and love. Tantra leads to our nature and teach us to love ourselves as we are.

What I love about the tantric work is the fact that there is always something new to discover and each massage is unique. During the massage I am led by my intuition and the individual needs of the client. I like to combine all my skills which allows me to be flexible whether the client has a specific idea or just don't know what to expect. I like to experience the emerging energy which is created. I like to be concentrated in presence during the massage.

Basically Tantra is a lifestyle. I create a safe respectful space for self healing. I give my full concentration and attention to the body and then something happens on unconscious level. There are many reasons to get a tantra session - either it is simple relaxation or let someone to pamper ourselves, desire to feel the sexual energy, to feel alive. To transform.

Even though tantra means different things for different people, receiving conscious touch and presence is absolutely beneficial for everyone.

I am interested in personal development, dance, joga, meditation and caring of my kids. All together created balance in my life, which is very important for me."

Course of Tantra massage - Katerina Svanderlikova
Reiki course II.level - Akvamarin Ladislava Sofie Kovarikova 2022
Constellation by Akvamarin Ladislava Sofie Kovarikova 2022-2023
Mahalo method II. Inner de-armouring training (Vojta Chládek) 2022
Mahalo method III. Acceptance of shadows, BDSM techniques (Vojta Chládek) 2022
Course of Tantra Massage for Women - Katerina Svanderlikova
Kineziologie - ongoing training
Mahalo method IV. The Art of Manifestation (Vojtěch Chládek) 2022
Sports and relaxation massage retraining course - Refit 2023
Aromatherapy course for physiotherapists and masseurs - Nobilis Tilia 2023
Foot Pressure Massage (Reflex Therapy) - Refit 2023

Valerie speaks: English
Valerie provides: tantra for women, tantra for men, tantra for couples, spa ritual, sacred spot