Zara - senior

"Hello! I am Zara; pleasure to meet you.

This work found me organically and intuitively at quite a young age, and since then I have had the joy of exploring it with others and receiving various teachings temples and spaces near and far from NYC, to Barcelona, to Berlin.  I believe in a holistic, intuitive, and detailed approach to everything, and I like to blend an ambience of relaxation and deep energetic awareness, with the tantric flow of sensuality, and the sacred art of tease. I have many years of experience in tantra, massage, reiki, trauma, inner child work, hypnosis, nutrition, and herbalism.

In my personal life I am a dancer, musician, and artist, and I believe my approach to sessions is also a flow, a dance, an art. My flow is sensual and slitherin; my touch, oscillating between gentle and teasing, and very firm/deep tissued. My awareness is focused, perceptive, and receptive. I am highly attentive, intuitive, and slow in how I move and touch, allowing for an experience that is filled with deep presence and a sense of transcending in space and time. As with all; breath plays a big role in the sessions, as well, but ultimately; I meet you half way where you are on your journey, and each session is individually crafted to meet you where you are at on your journey, and your needs. "
Sport and Deep Tissue Massage
Swedish Massage
Trigger Point Therapy
Hypnosis/ Inner Child Work
Trauma & somatic work
Guided Meditation & breathwork
Herbalism, Alternative Medicine, Nutrition

Zara speaks: English
Zara provides: tantra for women, tantra for men, tantra for couples, spa ritual